Reverse Engineering Remote Control Power Sockets - Part 5: Setting up a development environment for the BeagleboneBlack

If you've read the first blog post of this series, you already know that the intention of this project is to replace the remote control of these devices by a cheap 433 MHz transceiver and a microcontroller platform. The first target of choice is a Raspberry Pi Model B Rev 2, containing a Broadcom BCM2835 System on a chip (SoC) with an ARM1176JZF-S 700 MHz processor.

Host system (Arch Linux, x64)


Installing the target operating system

unxz  bone-debian-9.5-iot-armhf-2018-10-07-4gb.img.xz
sudo dd bs=4M if=bone-debian-9.5-iot-armhf-2018-10-07-4gb.img of=/dev/sdc conv=fsync

Target system (Debian 9.5)


apt-get update &&  apt-get upgrade
apt-get install rxvt-unicode-256color
apt-get install emacs-nox